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Fullerton Punk - The Detours

The Line-Up
Gordon Cox- Vocals
Rikk Agnew- Guitar/vocals
Jeff Beans- Bass
Sean Elliott- Guitar/vocals
Alfie Agnew-Guitar/vocals

Stevie Drt- Drums/vocals


OC Punk - the Detours

The Detours, a pioneering Southern California punk band from Fullerton, formed in July of 1977, by Gordon Cox, Rikk Agnew, Jeff Beans. Guitarist Bruce Boyd served in the early days- playing the first gig, with the band eventually settling on the machine gun style of power chording guitarist Mike Koerber.
In the Fall of 1978 the Detours add Casey Royer on drums, only 5 months after he co-founded Social Distortion. Casey quits SD to play drums in The Detours for the next 2  years, rounding out the quintet and allowing Rikk Agnew to move from drums to lead guitar duties. 

The Detours point to The Damned, Iggy and the Stooges, The Ramones, and David Bowie as early influences.
In the late 70's this Fullerton punk rock crucible created the now familiar OC sound and anthems covered years later on albums by the Adolescents, and  DI as well as showing up later on Rikk's solo projects.  Members of The Detours have gone on to play in Social Distortion, Adolescents, TSOL, Christian Death, DI, 45 Grave, White Zombie, and many more. Former and back-up members of the band have included drummers Casey Royer, the Mighty Stevie Drt, Paul Kostabi, Jon "Carrot" Stevenson, Craig Briscoe, Shawn Coe, Steve "Gee" Guevara, Noah Lysek, and guitarists Bruce Boyd, Mike Koerber, Dan Colburn, Frankie Agnew Jr, Steve "Gee" Guevara, Leo Atreides, Craig "chicken head" Jewitt.

The Detours, along with the The Middle Class, represent the first generation of OC punk bands to break into the Los Angeles Punk scene- as the earliest days lacked any venues for punk in Orange County - beyond back yard parties. 
In Fall of 1977 Rikk and Gordon take a "borrowed" car to Hollywood for the first of many nights to hang out at the legendary "Masque" . Befriended by Brendan Mullen, the two teens are extended an open welcome into the LA punk scene by one of its true progenators. Encouraged and influenced by introductions to the likes of the Weirdos, the Bags, and the Controllers in the clubhouse like confines of the Masque, they return to Orange County and continue to pen their own view and commentary of life south of the County line. Through these early friendships the band quickly rises to play LA venues and share stages with the likes of the Germs, Controllers, Circle Jerks and more...
Late one evening, in the Spring of 1979, Rodney Bingenheimer of KROQ radio allows the Detours into the old Pasadena location, and plays their newly recorded 3 song single, launching "Amoeba", "Hang Ten in East Berlin", and "the Saint" over the airwaves for the first time....

The late seventies in North Orange County, only a few bands could be found pushing this new, in your face genre of music, and those that did, came together as contemporaries and friends. On any given night it was not uncommon to find a sorted mix of members of the Detours, Agent Orange, Social Distortion, Naughty Women,and punk precursor- the Mechanics flopped in each others rehearsal studios, engaged in consumption and orgies at  Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness' legendary Fullerton apartment "the Black Hole", carpooling to the Starwood and Whiskey a go-go in Hollywood, pounding $1 pitchers in downtown Fullerton watering hole "(I drink with) My Shrink", partying in a bungalow complex known as "Brea Beach", late nite forays into the historic Yorba cemetery, debauchery in the Anaheim Hills, jam sessions at the Detours (and eventually the Adolescents) rehearsal shack - the "Chicken Coop", and even nights that ended in drunken sing alongs of Ramones songs gathered around Berlin drummer and record producer Dan Van Patten's grand piano.  The times and behavior spawned the Detours credo and first Agnew tattoo: be proud, live fast, carry on.

These "Pioneers of OC Punk", the Detours, can be found playing a few select Southern California shows a year- making it a rare opportunity to witness the  fathers of  OC Hardcore live. Propelled by the addition of permanent members and OC music veterans Sean Elliot, John Knight and Agnew little brother- "Alfie", the no-compromise approach to their "OC sound" has purists and fans of the genre looking forward to the near future as the band prepares for a release of all new music, re-releases of their earliest recordings dating back as far as 1977, and shows with old friends up and down the West Coast of the US.

2017 promises to bring out these OC punks for a few more shows and surprises - watch for the Detours.
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